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    Костя Баночкин

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    Форум » Костя Баночкин » ОБЩИЕ ТЕМЫ » cheapest amoxicillin In USA buy online (order amoxil no prescription)
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    CynthiaNamsДата: Четверг, 15.01.2015, 09:13 | Сообщение # 1
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    Why is my 6 month old baby having a fever every midnight but he's usually okay during daytime?
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    Possibly parvo, since she's older she can carry it without it killing her, like it does a pup. but if she keeps this up, she'll dehydrate, give her shots of pennicillin that you can get at tractor supply co. or on revival animal health. make sure she is getting enough water, if not give her shots of that as well. add to her diet a bit, throw in more solid foods like bread or raw potatoes (diced). just so you know, don't listen to all the hype about your dog needing dog food, if you do your research. the barf diet is the best you can give your dog, perfectly safe, healthy and natural. the only reason you hear so much with "better dog food, healther dog" is because thats where the money is at! your dog can completely benefit from the barf diet as long as you know what your doing and add all the nutrients. barf stands for bones and raw foods. some people agree some dont, its the vet hype. if you ever notice; go to several vets offices,ask them what is the best food for your dog, i guarentee its the most expensive one they have. but go to a "all natural vet" where there is no high priced dog food and they know about the barf diet, thats the direction they will point you in. it's all about the money! i hope your fur buddy gets better. lots of tlc, she'll be back on her feet.
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    Форум » Костя Баночкин » ОБЩИЕ ТЕМЫ » cheapest amoxicillin In USA buy online (order amoxil no prescription)
    Страница 1 из 11